Sales Acceleration

A unique approach to developing a predictable pipeline.

Sales Acceleration

A unique approach to developing a predictable pipeline

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Qualified sales meetings in your diary


Build a predictable


High-value introductions to develop your sales channels


Drawing in crowds for shows, conferences and user meetings

Maximise your sales effort

More qualified leads

You are tired of wasting time on unqualified leads. You need a better return on sales investment and want greater support in nurturing prospects into customer relationships. Sound familiar? You'™ve come to the right place.

Better ROI on telemarketing

We've delivered 1000+% return on investment and built a pipeline value of £1,600,000 from a 10-day starter campaign. Re-read those numbers again and believe them.

Focus on closing deals

Let your closers close. They like making sales and money and that's what you pay them (good money, plus bonuses) to do. We'™ll find, prospect and nurture your leads so that your sales force can have the glory. Why pay your big hitters to do the legwork?

Why work with us?

Telemarketing agencies, step aside

We outperform traditional, tired telemarketing agencies by using a pioneering mix of extensive market knowledge, experienced sales development veterans and new sales acceleration techniques. Yes, you can have both quantity and quality leads.

50% success-
based fees

We're confident that we'™ll hit targets. So much so that up to 50% of our total fee is put at risk if results are not achieved across a 12-month commitment. If that wasn'™t enough we offer one and three-month break clauses, which is also nice.

We know
what sells

We've got a combined 50+ years selling to the NHS. Use our detailed understanding of the market and decision-making processes across the health and technology sectors to guide your sales strategy.

Ignite your sales process

Get in front of the qualified decision-makers that will help you hit targets.
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