PR & Communications

Raise profile and influence the influencers.

PR & Communications

Raise profile and influence the influencers

We do PR

PR & comms

Guidance on messaging and positioning along with actionable plans or projects


Educate your audiences by developing their thinking with opinion pieces, blogs, surveys, and commentary in the media


Create visibility of your company announcements and customer success stories through press releases and case studies

Content &

Engage and influence your audiences with high-impact, interesting content that they want to share

We do social media too

Strategy & management

Making sure your time and investment in social channels is aligned with your business goals.

Content creation

Improve your engagement rates with shareable content such as infographics, animations, blogs to promote your messages and values.

Channel management

Ensure content is crafted specifically for each channel, manage posts, and track for commercial opportunities.

Measurement & reporting

Track progress around engagement and impressions to enhance your campaign or inform the next.

Why aren't we speaking to them?

Generate brand awareness

People will gossip about you, in a good way. Get noticed and get into the conversations of your stakeholders

Influence the influencers

Target your communications to those with a big profile and following to influence your audience.

Launch a product or service, in style

Promote your latest invention and inform your audiences how it will transform the NHS for the better.

Why work with us?

We know health and technology markets

Our team has built up a worryingly detailed knowledge of the healthcare IT sector having worked with many suppliers and journalists.

We understand the people you want to influence

We already have a grasp on what motivates the personas you are targeting, so we use our time to understand how your company adds value to their busy working lives.

Transparent pricing

Plan and manage your budgets with our clear pricing structure, and waste no time haggling over hidden costs.

Be front of mind

Do you need more people to know what you do, what you stand for, and why you bring something different to the market?
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