Thought leadership: ReStart Consulting 

ReStart Consulting provides real-time, open technology solutions and integration support for healthcare organisations. After building up over 10 years of NHS integration expertise and experience, the ReStart team built the Viper360 Presentation Layer to allow multiple users (clinicians, administrators and patients) to view, review and write back patient information into multiple IT systems in real-time, as a fast, scalable and affordable alternative to the current market offering. 


Despite limited local NHS IT budgets and lengthy procurement processes for buying technology, the ReStart Consulting team found themselves challenged with the inertia of a market that was spending large sums of money on resource-intensive interoperability programmes and integration solutions. 

ReStart wanted to influence decision-makers in NHS trusts who were procuring integration software to help connect local services across health and social care, by building brand awareness around the benefits of implementing Viper360 Presentation Layer. 


Following a government announcement for NHS technology funding, Elemental called ReStart to ascertain their position on the newly available money, and what impact it could have on healthcare organisations. 

Elemental then wrote and pitched a synopsis of an article to Digital Health, a leading publication in the field, highlighting alternative ways for NHS trusts to achieve their integration goals. The angle of the article was accepted and the publication asked for a full write-up, and publishing the piece some weeks later.


As well as gaining coverage in Digital Health, the leading online publication for the healthcare IT sector in the UK, the article received over 1,000+ page views, whilst stimulating a lively discussion in the comments section – and ReStart was at the heart of the debate. 

The result: an enhanced reputation as experts in their field, wider brand awareness for supporting the telemarketing activity, an uplift in website traffic and an increase in social media engagement. 

Client view

“Elemental have shown a firm grasp of the marketplace to be able to firstly identify a high-value PR opportunity for us, and secondly articulate our key messages in an engaging article that got the attention of our target audience. They have demonstrated they know what content works for which journalists, and have added great value to our marketing efforts.”

Mike Symers, managing director, ReStart Consulting Ltd