Building pipeline for Beautiful Information

Beautiful Information (BI), the first NHS/private partnership of its kind, offers unique real-time information to NHS trusts to help them plan and resource clinical services to meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow. 
BI’s vision to support the NHS in delivering its triple aim of healthcare - better patient satisfaction, lower cost per case and improved quality - is primarily achieved through adoption of its Patient Tracking List (PTL) technology. This provides Patient Level Data at ward/service level across the whole organisation, with the ability to access this information across a health sector and beyond. 
The brief 
The market opportunity for BI’s PTL technology was vast: NHS trust management wanted an ‘overarching view’ of the current state of play in their hospitals, plus there was the potential to keep staff informed on the number of admissions and discharges, and identify where there are delays or “Exit Blocks” - all contributing to more efficient service delivery and safer patient care. 
The technology was good and the demand was there, however, BI needed to get in front of more leads to showcase its potential. Elemental was asked to advise on which audiences to target and formulate a strategy, using telemarketing as a core activity, with the aim of booking sales appointments and building up the sales pipeline. 

 Elemental identified the key decision-makers within this campaign as: 
●     Directors of Operations
●     Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
●     Chief Executives (CEOs)
●     Emergency Care Directors
●     Clinical Site Practitioners
Careful research saw the creation an 850-strong database of targets with contact information. Elemental took a complex solution offering, simplified it and used their extensive knowledge of the NHS to draft a sales acceleration approach that grabbed the attention of its busy audience. 
Daily campaign reporting, weekly teleconference calls to regroup and regular communications with the sales acceleration team all assisted in the campaign's success ensuring that its objectives were met.
●     850-strong database of NHS decision-makers
●     12 new business opportunities 
●     Overall estimated value of circa £500,000
●     7,500% ROI at proposal stage 
●     Increased ROI at pipeline stage 

Client view 

“We already had an existing working relationship with Elemental who are our preferred supplier for sales acceleration services. They are fully GDPR compliant which gives us additional confidence in terms of projects being fulfilled competently, following best practice.”
“Elemental provided impressive insight into the key decision-makers within the NHS, which was integral to our campaign strategy. They provided daily reporting throughout the campaign, so we were always up-to-date in terms of opportunities. Ultimately, they delivered excellent return on investment through twelve new business opportunities with an overall estimated value of circa £500k.” 

Ross Facer
Head of Business Support
Beautiful Information