Why we’ve launched industry-changing NHS sales data and market intelligence packages

Is your data doing enough to help you deliver sales and marketing campaigns that really impress your boss?

In my view, the ability to use data effectively boils down to three essential components:

1/ Understanding your audience and decision-makers
2/ Accessibility of usable information
3/ Accurate and up-to-date information

If one of these components is missing, you are damaging your chances of maximising your sales campaigns, something that often resonates with those working in the digital health sector.

We’ve spoken to many salespeople who have grown frustrated with the underperformance of some of their campaigns due to poor quality data.

They tell us that buying data that is accurate is a big issue for them, and in some cases they have found out that the data hasn't been cleaned for over 12 months. And the job titles they target aren’t necessarily the decision-makers they need to speak to.

Sometimes the volume of contact data is not enough to get a decent return on sales leads, or conversely, a minimum order provides too much data than is required.    

Plus there are many restrictions around data usage - leasing is bound with many usage caveats, email-only data doesn't provide sight of the data, and data purchases need to be renewed annually.

In short, these data packages are inflexible and not fit-for-purpose. We sensed an opportunity to help these people use and manage data better to support their sales targets.

Flexible options for contact data

So we invested our time in the market we know and love to understand what makes good contact data - we know that to build truly accurate data requires telephone communications with trusts at department level, not just to confirm names and email addresses, but to actively confirm that a contact is the key decision-maker for a project, programme or procurement.

Our basic package gives you a database of accurate contact data for sales and marketing campaigns, targeted by role, not job title. You will own data such as name, job title, and validated email addresses for up to five job roles per organisation, and because you own the data, you can use it as little or as much as you see fit - there are no licence restrictions. To ensure your data is always up-to-date, we can update the data every three months for you as part of our Basic+ option.

Tailored sales intelligence for NHS IT systems

The intermediate package is for senior sales and marketing professionals that want greater visibility of sales opportunities within the NHS IT systems market. It includes everything outlined in our basic package, but with the addition of data intelligence around key systems in use in the trust: manufacturer, product name, install date, contract renewal date.

You also get confirmation of the decision-maker for each system, and data on up to five key systems. Don’t need insights on that many systems? No worries, you have the option to swap systems intelligence for research activity that could inform PR or brand awareness activity. Upgrade to our intermediate+ package for monthly and quarterly reminders on system and research data, ensuring that you do not miss a commercial opportunity.

Bespoke market intelligence and sales plan

Our new advanced package takes your sales management capabilities to a new level by providing you with strategic support for sales planning and commercial activity. It gives you greater visibility of the market opportunity for immediate, medium and long-term with a detailed sales plan within your specific areas of interest.

We’re excited about this because we believe it offers an alternative to the restrictive and expensive intelligence solutions which tend to provide a one-size-fits-all package when sometimes all that is required is bespoke market intelligence across one or two key areas.

So for this package you can get all the value of the basic and immediate packages plus bespoke primary market research with insights and strategic recommendations for your sales engagement exercises written by our team of experienced marketing and sales veterans.

Your new competitive advantage

The NHS commercial landscape is constantly changing and increasingly competitive. To thrive, companies like yours are seeing the value of using data to inform and execute campaigns that deliver a greater number of qualified leads.

Data is the foundation of this success. Getting it wrong is expensive, disappointing and breeds a lack of confidence. Getting it right is the driving force behind sales success.

At Elemental, we eat, sleep and dream sales. Everything we do is about sales success so we believe we are better placed than data houses or other intelligence providers to advise you on how to make your data work harder for sales success.

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