Square pegs don't close

Frustration is about to boil over within your sales team.

The last sales meeting was tense and too awkward for your liking.

The sales guys say they are tired of struggling through meetings and presentations without producing results. They are underperforming but is it their fault? You ask yourself: have we done enough to nurture these relationships before the sales appointment? What did we do to build trust and show empathy?

You sense that prospecting needs improvement. You tried a telemarketing agency, but they didn’t grasp the specific and complex needs of NHS buyers. 

Your in-house telemarketers keep focusing on quantity rather than quality of leads, despite your requests. 

And now the sales executives have taken the initiative by building their own target lists and making cold calls to get their own appointments. But this is still not working. 

If your closers are doing the prospecting, then you face the risk of defocusing their efforts and diluting your sales process. 

Unlike prospectors, established closers are not as good as taking the day-to-day rejection or building initial rapport over the phone. 

And conversely, closers are better when face-to-face with a prospect, armed with a slide deck and working off body language to progress or close the deal. 

Think: square pegs, round holes. 

Fill that sales skills gap: 

we find prospect NHS buyers and influencers, nurture them along the sales funnel ready for your closers to do what they do best. And unlike generic telemarketing agencies, we use an esteemed team of business development veterans, highly experienced in health and technology sectors, to get the job done.

Check us out at www.weareelemental.uk