NHS IT sales teams: why you need more than job titles

You’ve got enough battle wounds to know that selling to the NHS can be gruelling.

Rifling through procurement frameworks, writing tender bids and applying for funding streams are a long process to engaging with your target market.

The simple fact is that finding and prospecting technology buyers in the NHS puts a massive strain – time, money, motivation – on any sales team.

What you would give for a straight pitch to an IT director that wanted (and could purchase) an IT solution just like yours. You can smell the sales bonus.

Stakeholder shift 

But there are more purchase stakeholders in the NHS IT market than ever before, making your job harder and more time-consuming.

Some reasons are:

  • Pooled or split budgets from integrated care initiatives
  • Price-sensitive NHS providers spreading risk by involving more people in the purchasing process
  • Nurses are increasingly playing a more active role in tech deployments
  • Clinical engagement is higher on the agenda


The last point resonates with us at Elemental as we’ve seen a rise in demand for marketing data targeting clinical-based job titles.

Clearly clinicians are playing a more active and high-profile role in the purchase cycle, and not just those at board-level. Many enthusiastic junior clinicians are leading or influencing technology projects of all sizes.

Job titles aren’t enough 

And therein lies a major challenge for your sales and marketing data build. Targeting prospects by job titles is not enough to achieve your sales targets.

Whilst it’s a good starting point to segmenting your decision-making unit, no two job roles are the same, just as no two NHS trusts are the same.

For example, two chief nursing information officers will have differing responsibilities and priorities. One may be contributing to a major EPR procurement, the other may have a hands-on approach to installing an e-observations solution.

The skill, from a sales viewpoint, is to find out what requirements they have, how this fits into their organisational and personal objectives, and what available resource they have.

Another useful example is identifying who in an NHS trust is responsible for apps. We have found that some are within operations teams, some come under a ‘software IT applications’ banner and others are within an individual ward or department.

In short, you need to have the correct contact details and speak to the right people to maximise your sales efforts.

Painting a bigger picture 

Many sales and business development teams approach us to help them build a predictable sales pipeline and grow their business.

The most savvy of those sales people, like you, recognise that they need an accurate marketing data – name, organisation, job title, contact details – but layered with market intelligence, to really help focus their energies and hit targets.

We build dynamic databases turbocharged with information like system data, contract end dates, and notes on who is the best person to target and why, to help prioritise sales engagement and deliver appointments faster. It paints a bigger, more in-depth picture for your sales process.

If you are being let down by outdated, erroneous B2B marketing contact data and want support to build your pipeline, get in touch on 0808 168 6426 or on: hello@weareelemental.uk